If Your Furnace Won't Go...

Call the Big "O"

That goes for your air conditioner too


When your boiler or furnace is on the fritz, it robs your comfort and productivity—and may even be a safety risk. With over 50 years of experience, Overholt Heating quickly diagnoses your heating problem—or installs new equipment that delivers high-efficiency performance for many winters to come.


AC breakdowns seem to show up at the worst times: during a record-breaking heat wave or when guests arrive. Masters of troubleshooting, Overholt Heating technicians will pinpoint your cooling issue and recommend fast, cost-effective ways to keep you cool.


Ignoring a small plumbing issue now can lead to expensive, intrusive repairs later. Remember the last time that “little water heater leak” brought your whole house to a standstill? Overholt Heating offers prompt plumbing expertise at competitive pricing  so you can get your schedule back on track.


Overholt Heating offers indoor air quality services — including maintenance of existing units, installation of new units, and development of an effective indoor air quality plan that will keep you safe and comfortable no matter what the weather is like outside.


When you join the Comfort Club, you’ll take the first step to proactive home maintenance and heating, cooling and plumbing savings. This affordable membership gives you two free visits a year, along with priority scheduling when your HVAC system fails. It pays for itself in just one service call!

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